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Ixim Takes Part in Do Good Week

Ixim is thrilled to participate in Do Good Week 2021.

Here's what you can do to support us this week:

Mission Monday: ​You already follow upon Facebook, but make sure you receive our newsletters by signing up at

New Donor Tuesday: ​Share our Facebook page with your friends and family on social media, asking them to make a small donation. This will help them get to know us better and help us get to know them.

Wish List Wednesday: Our biggest wish is your continued prayers for our mission. Please remember Ixim in your prayers in a special way.

​Volun-Thursday: ​In the coming months, Ixim will be partnering with OneWorld to support vaccination clinics for underserved and migrant communities in Omaha. Contact Charlie to sign up to volunteer.

Fund It Friday: Support our St. Jospeh Water Campaign by donating on the ShareOmaha​ website or at​​​.

Over 5,000 families in Huehuetenango have clean water daily thanks to the support of Ixim. Our home water filitration system produces five years of clean water for only $15. The immediate and long-term health benefits of having access to clean water are immeasurable. Water is life. Help support this life-giving project.

Our goal in 2021 is to expand the reach of the home filtration systems into new communities like San Sebastián Coatán and Nentón. We'll be building 1,500 new systems to meet this goal.

A donation of $300 will provide clean water for 20 families for five years.

A donation of $150 will provide clean water for 10 families for five years..

A donation of $50 will clean water for three families for five years.

Let's make this a great week of doing good!