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Hurricane Eta Strikes Huehuetenango

We've received requests over the past few days for information on the effects of Hurricane Eta on Huehuetenango. Hurricane Eta struck Central America earlier this week as a Category IV hurricane. Damaging wind and rain hit most of the northern departments of Guatemala, including Huehuetenango. The worst damages occurred in the department of Alta Verapaz, where dozens died in mudslides. 

The extent of damages in Huehuetenango continues to be assessed. Flooding of the Quisil River caused major damages in the communities of San Juan Ixcoy and San Pedro Soloma. Those who have travelled to Santa Eulalia, San Miguel Acatan, or San Sebastian Coatan are familiar with this area as our regular route from Huehuetenango passes through these two communities along the path of the Quisil River. 

Due to the communication difficulties caused by the coronavirus and the damage to transportation infrastructure, it might be several days or weeks before we have specific details on the effects of the hurricane on these communities and other communities in Huehuetenango. Please keep our sisters and brothers throughout Huehuetenango in your prayers as they face yet another challenge this year.

Mudslide in San Juan Ixcoy

Flooding in San Pedro Soloma