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Ixim Safe Smiles Program Delivers 700 Additional Masks to Juan Diego Center

Ixim finished its second round of mask-making by delivering 700 masks to Catholic Charities' Juan Diego Center in South Omaha. These masks--mostly child-size--add to the 800 masks delivered earlier this summer to the community center and food pantry in South Omaha. 

Mikaela Schuele, Director of Emergency and Supportive Services for Catholic Charities, shared her thoughts on the contribution of Ixim to the Center's work in South Omaha. "Our community members love the beautiful patterns and the detailed, but lighthearted instruction manual within the bags," she explained. "It warms my heart to place masks in each of the pantry bags and to see the masks worn by our community in the following days when they return to the pantry."

Since May, Ixim has made over 2,800 masks for groups across the Archdiocese of Omaha, with a focus on the local migrant community.