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Water Purification Plant in Huehuetenango Receives Official Certification

Over the past year, the social pastoral of staff of the Diocese of Huehuetenango has been hard at work remodeling the water purification plant in Huehuetenango as part of a process to have the facility officially certified as meeting the standards of any commercial water plant in Central America. We are proud to announce that the plant received its certification last month. 

The water purification plant in Huehuetneango is one of five plants, constructed with funding and assistance from Ixim, which continue to operate in the Diocese of Huehuetenango. The newly-certified plant was the first plant built as part of an ongoing initiative of Ixim to improve access to clean water across the Diocese. All five plants offer clean water at a fraction of the price of other commercially-available water bottles. Water from the Huehuetenango plant is sold under the name Agua Cero, or Zero Water--0 Contaminants, 100% Pure Water, 100% Solidarity. 

This plant might look somewhat familiar to those who've traveled to Huehuetenango on our Ixim mission trips. The plant is a point of pride for the social pastoral staff in Huehuetenango, who share the advances made on the plant each year with Ixim missionaries from the United States. Even those who traveled last year will notice the work it took to implement the changes necessary to receive the certification. 

Congratulations to the Diocese of Huehuetenango, and many thanks to the supporters of our Ixim water program.